How blogging can help your business

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You are busy, busy.  The intention to get on top of your social media and maybe even write regular blogs is there, but it hasn’t quite happened…yet.  To get you motivated to start writing, let’s have a look at how blogging regularly can help your business.

Your SEO
Search Engine Optimisation helps with getting your business seen, when people are searching on Google.  A large part of SEO is to do with the keywords people are searching, and how they match with your website.  Those long tail keywords people search such as “best flowers for a Summer wedding” can be used as a title for your blog.  So, when done well, people searching this in Google, could be lead straight to your website, all thanks to your blog.

Regular communication
We all have the intention to be one of those businesses who communicates daily through social media, to keep followers in the loop and your business front of mind.  However, other priorities come into the mix, especially when you’re a small business owner wearing all of the hats!  A monthly blog can be a perfect way to keep yourself in the social media loop, without having to spend too much time that you don’t have on your social media.

Followers on social media, click throughs to your website & leads
Blogs place your area of expertise in front of people’s eyes.  They bring to light the service or product you are selling.  This gives you brand awareness, creates interest, and sparks up followers, click throughs to your website & potentially sales.

Above all, regular blogs show you off as the professional, up to date, relevant business that you are!



If you don’t have the time, did you know that Content Creative can write your monthly blogs for you?  We’ll even share it to all your social media sites. Easy.