Overthinking can kill a creative brain

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Adventurous, a risk taker, daydreamer, open to new ideas.  Little tolerance for boredom, strong imagination, unconventional, a little temperamental, stubborn.  Do any, or all of these traits describe you?

If so, you’re a creative.  Being a special breed, it’s important to nurture this power.   However, these days with so many external sources entering our lives and routine daily, it’s no wonder the carefree creative bug can be surpassed by over thinking.  It’s time to squash overthinking for good and embrace your creative side!

The first thing we can do is, be aware of it.  Sometimes we don’t even notice when our creative little brains have gone on a complete tangent to play out every scenario as to what might happen if… When you first notice this overthinking kicking in, stop.  Take a moment to realise what you are thinking about has not actually happened/may not actually happen.  Remind yourself to stay in the present, give yourself credit, and back your ideas.  You were gifted a creative mind for a reason.

Ok, maybe let your mind wander, but let it wander to all of the ways something can go right, not all of the ways something can go wrong.  What does playing out all the ways something can go wrong actually achieve?  It stops you from acting.  Too scary, too risky, what would people think? What if it fails?  What then?  Truth is, you never know what something will be like until you go out and experience it.  What if it works?  What if you live your dream?  what if you do exactly what it is you’ve always wanted to do?  What then?  Acting leads to clarity.  Thought doesn’t.

Stop waiting for perfection.  People are so scared of messing up that they stop themselves from acting on something, just in case it doesn’t work.  Embrace being wrong, get comfortable with it.  Accept it as a part of life, this will remove fear from your decision making.  Stop worrying about the perfection of your decisions.  Be swift to move forward, even if it is in the wrong direction, at least it is forward.

“Boldness is respectable; carefulness has never changed the world”.
(Kulraj Singh, tinybuddha.com)

Sources: https://tinybuddha.com/blog/10-ways-stop-overthinking-start-living/